What should definitely not be missing in your vacation suitcase

What should definitely not be missing in your vacation suitcase

Have you made vacation plans or maybe you’ve already been? The summer vacation period is coming up again, as well as the long weekends away. And whether you’re going on a long or short trip, traveling or a night out, you often have things that always go with you vacation suitcase.

What should definitely not be missing from your vacation packing list?

Packing your vacation suitcase

Whether you’re traveling abroad, spending a night in the Netherlands or planning a Beige weekend, some people pack their bags weeks in advance and others do so at the last minute. No matter what kind of packer you are, a clear list of what to bring in your vacation suitcase is not a bad thing. After all, you don’t want to forget half of it.

Because if you go to tourist destinations you can still score a swimsuit or bikini, but if you go to non-touristy places, it is often more difficult.

What bag or suitcase you take with you

The first question before packing your vacation suitcase is what to bring? How long are you going away, are you going by plane or car, are you going backpacking or to a fixed destination. If you go camping then a sports bag is often easy, if you go backpacking then a backpack cannot be missing and if you go flying then a rolling suitcase is often the easiest.

What to bring

(Phone) chargers and world plugs

Since you’re probably charging your phone at the last minute, don’t forget to put it in your vacation suitcase. Like chargers for your camera, tablets and more. Don’t forget a world plug, because not every country will be able to plug you in.

World plugs come in many shapes and sizes. Choose the right plug.

Books or e-reader

For me personally, vacation time is reading books and if there’s something not to be missing from my bag it’s books. Nowadays I don’t take library books with me, but books that I can exchange after reading them. More and more often you see these places where you can exchange books at campgrounds or hotels.


Do you bring a camera or do you take pictures’s more with your phone? These days, of course, you can do just that. The advantage of only bringing your phone is that it saves on luggage.


Do not forget the sunscreen in your suitcase. Feel free to take a higher factor and lubricate well, even if you already have a tan. I personally like to use a sunscreen spray, because it means that your hands are not immediately covered in sunscreen and children are also happy to be sprayed on as well.


Good sunglasses are so important. Not only for the kids, also for you. I myself am a big fan of Maui Jim sunglasses.

Anyway, what you choose is very personal. Make sure they are UV-protective and bring a sun hat or cap as an extra.

Good shoes

Whether you go on an active vacation or a quiet one, good shoes should always be in your vacation suitcase. After all, you don’t know in advance all the beautiful things you might find there. And good shoes don’t mean heavy mountain boots.

A pair of good walking shoes is often sufficient.

Medicine and more

Bring paracetamol, as well as ear drops, band-aids and dovetails. Not as awkward as having to explain in an Italian pharmacy that you need dovetails –I speak from experience-.

Here’s a tip in case you’re still looking for suitcases or bags for the vacations.

I’m traveling and I’m taking

Wherever your trip takes you this year, make sure you go prepared and pack all your favorites in your vacation suitcase.

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