Printable Forest Bingo Fulltime

Printable Forest Bingo

Last Saturday I shared with you a Car Bingo Printable. A bingo card for on the road, to entertain the kids in the back seat. Since this one was quite popular I got excited to make another one like it.

I hereby share our Bos Bingo with you, which of course was tested thoroughly by the little man first.

Forest Bingo test

Our little man got to be the first to test the Bos Bingo. Armed with a red crayon, the bingo and the balance bike we went on the road. Mister started the search at top speed. That is, he raced down the path on his balance bike like a wild man and paid little attention to the things he was supposed to be looking for.

Mom had to give him a reminder and then there was a fanatical search anyway. Soon we found a yellow leaf, a branch and a flower. In between, the toddler made a big slide with the balance bike. Resulting in a few scrapes and a black eye.

Poor little guy. Yet this could not spoil the fun because soon there was fanatically searching again. The fun part was that the toddler not only checked off the items he found but also collected them. Dad soon found himself with a handful of twigs, yellow leaves and a feather. And don't think we can just lose it anywhere.

No, then we have on hand. By the end of the tour, however, we still hadn't found the worm. Well, they don't show themselves just like that.

My sister and my husband have been digging and digging here and there in the ground. When we almost gave up hope the husband pulled up a clump of grass and underneath was a fat worm. Bingo!

Printable Forest Bingo

The Forest Bingo works the same as the Car Bingo. If you print out the PDF and laminate it, you can easily mark it off with a whiteboard marker or crayon. Go into the forest, or elsewhere in nature, and look for all the things on the map.

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