10 things I don’t understand

Sometimes I really feel like an egg. There are moments when I really don’t understand anything. Nothing from my kids, nothing from my husband and nothing from my animals. Also there are sometimes products, moments or news items that I really can’t get my head around. So today I am sharing a list with you. The 10 things I don’t understand. (By the way, I am blonde hehe, that’s obvious)

10 things I don’t understand

  1. I have a pretty intelligent husband. (he reads Bblogt.I have to please him now and then, of course) He is extremely good at analyzing. So I’m regularly presented with an analysis. I always try really hard but sometimes I really can’t follow it. Although of course I always nod yes and pretend to understand it completely.
  2. The deb cells that boys produce. Do all guys have that? I already wrote about the noise the little man can make. Weeks later that noise still hasn’t subsided. Every now and then he is screaming or shouting. Apparently this is part of his game. I just don’t understand it at all.
  3. I do not understand why fur collars are all of a sudden ‘in’ again. I don’t like it at all anyway but the animal suffering behind it I find absolutely disgusting.
  4. Every season I try again. Full of enthusiasm and motivation I start following ‘Who is the mole’. You know, that complicated TV program. The ratings don’t lie, this program is greatly appreciated by the Dutch television audience. Every time I start following and after three episodes I don’t understand anything at all. That must be because of my hair color. (I’d better say it myself before someone else does)
  5. I don’t understand anything about morning people. Don’t get me wrong, I have deep respect for people who ’re dancing right next to their bed in the morning but I just don’t understand it. How to do it?
  6. Also, I don’t understand Anything About Spike, One of My Doggies. Every Evening around a Quarter to Eight he has it going on. What Exactly? Well, if i knew that. Around a Quarter to Eight He Starts Barking, Wagging, Turning and All at Me. Why? You have food, water, leg outside, had Attention. What do you want from me?? Very Special.
  7. What I Really Don’t Understand is that My Little Man Won’t Be House Trained. I Haven’t Found the Golden Tip Yet. How can you not hate having a poopy diaper or a flood in your pants? Sir Just Really Doesn’t Care at All. It is a mystery to me. Generally Speaking, Most 16-Year-olds No Longer Have Diaperers on Anyway? Then there is Still Hope.
  8. My oven. I have a microwave oven with lots of options. Super Handy Thing. I Just Don’t Understand Much of It. It has Countless Options and I Only use Two of Them. I can still do those act But what should i do with all those other features? I Am Curious!
  9. I Regularly Notice That Young People Delete Their Instagram Feed Completely. So there are 100 pictures on it and then they are all gone. A Kind of Clean Slate? I’m very curious to know what’s behind this.
  10. In our house we have a child or curse. The Great Thing is that we had thesis in our previous home as well. We had Our Current House Build about Three Years ago. So You would Think That Everything Is Neatly Laid Out And Functioning. Why do we have to change the bulbs in our lights every week?? We have a very cool (if I do say so my own) ceiling light in the living room. I think he’s had Thirty New Lights in Three Years. We have also had to replace the spotlights in the Dining Room Numerous Times. That’s Crazy?

Secretly I Could Go On And On Because There Are A Lot Of Things I Can’t Reach With My Head. Oh well, that gives me something to think about this weekend.

Do You Recognize Any Of My Brain Teasers? OR IT REAXLY MY HAIR COLOR? 😉

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