Continue to develop as a self-employed person

Continue to develop as a self-employed person. Invest in your future

Do you have the time to stay yourself develop as a self-employed person? Maybe through online coaching or a course. When you are employed, courses are often offered, but when you are self-employed, you have to keep track of this yourself.

It costs money, time and where do you start?

Develop yourself as a self-employed person

You can continue to learn by following courses, free webinars or paid coaching. By reading a lot about your field and continuing to learn, you stay up to date. For many fields it is used to you to keep up by following tutoring or courses offered through your employer, but as a self-employed person it is difficult to be busy with this.

Yet it is good to keep looking at developments in your field.

If you don’t have to test skills

It has been a while since I last followed a course. The last time was a sign course at the LOI and this has nothing with my field ‘ blogging ’ but everything with my hobby. If I look back at the time that I was a nurse, then I had to take extra lessons and test skills every year. However, as a self-employed person, it is also important that you invest in yourself and you continue to develop.

You are responsible for this yourself.

Online coaching

That’s why I started again. In October I have a three -month online coaching ‘ from blog to business ’ Followed at Blogger by Nature. I did this because I noticed that after years of blogging I didn’t really get rid of, I thought I would do well, but saw less results than hoped.

Esmee from Blogger by Nature has taught me all the tricks of the trade in these three months. This went through Zoom meetings, extra courses and feedback on my site and articles. We took those things that I did this because I always did it that way.

By having someone else look at your blog, it appears that a lot can be changed.

Course online copywriter

This coaching from Esmée tasted like more and although I am not nearly finished optimizing all the blog post on my site, I was already looking for a new course and this has become the online copywriter course. I follow this seven -month course at the LOI.

In December I applied for a trial lesson and I found it so interesting that I immediately decided to register and since the beginning of January I started.

an obligation, do develop

I think it is good, that even when it is not mandatory (think of your big registration in healthcare, for which you have to achieve accreditation points, I don’t have blogging of course) it is good to stay active and in my The case is now an online copywriter course, but for everyone this can of course be both business and private.

How to find the right course

Now of course there are a lot of courses, studies and providers to be found. If you want to start a course or study, it is wise to read well and to request study books and/ or trial lessons from different organizations, then you immediately know whether this way of teaching suits you.

Stay also as a self-employed person

As easy as it went as a nurse, I find it so difficult now to keep learning. In healthcare it was enlightened, now it is something you have to do yourself. Or may do, of course, because nothing is mandatory.

Now I really like to keep up with my field and I hope to be able to get started as a copywriter in addition to blogging. In any case, I will not get worse and when I have closed the course I will certainly come back to this.

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