10 (annoying) things you say when you’re a mom

10 (irritating) things you say when you’re a mom

Since becoming a mother I often catch myself saying irritating things when I am a mother. Those phrases you used to hear your parents repeat too, ad nauseam. Which you thought you would never use. Until you’re a mom yourself or maybe only works with children. For example, consider the widely known ‘I count to three’. I kept track of what I hear myself saying many times a day.

10 (annoying) things you say when you’re a mom

During my training in social work I learned a lot about communication with children. Even in my work as a counselor we received various courses and workshops on communication and dealing with children. So I really do know that certain things don’t work. Like the well-known ’Count to three’. Also in practice with my own children, that nice little rant seems to have no effect at all. And Yet, Still It’s There And I Catch Myself Regularly 1,2,3. Annoying and totally ineffective.

Here are some more things you’ll hear me say a lot. Some things I just have to repeat because the little man seems to forget it. Some things I keep repeating because it’s necessary about and over again. Other things I say very often because it is a child or irritating habit. I think many moms or people who work with kids recognize this. I Once Kept Track of the Irritating Things I Often Hear Myelf Saying to My Kids.

  • I Count to Three.
    Yes we all know theme. Never has the desired effect and try counting through consistently.
  • Not in your mouth.
    To the Little Girl of 7 Months. As if she understands that.
  • Take Your Finger Out Of Your Nose.
    Super Interesting of Course, What Comes Out Of Your Nose. Bah!
  • Don’t take it away.
    Because when you’re almost 4, your baby Sister’s Toys are obviously still super cool.
  • Do you have to pee?
    Since the little man is potty-trained i am a bit hysterical. I find it so sad when he would forget he has to pee. Case That-Is-Between-Your-Eears Mom.
  • Clean Up First.
    For Convenience’s Sake It is of Forgotten That You Have To Clean Up First Before You Grab Toy Box Number 600.
  • No, you won you get a treat.
    If you ask 100 Times it should work out one day. At Least, I Think That Is The Oldest’s Motto.
  • Close the by.
    Leaving all the Doors Open, So the Cats Crawl Into the Beds and the Dogs Scurry Like Wild Animals Over the Doorsat. Sigh..
  • Be Quiet, Your Sister is Sleeping.
    My Men Just Can’t Be Gentle. And I Know the Baby Will Sleep Through It But It’s Just the Idea.
  • Wash your hands first.
    Because Why Wash Hands After Peeing If Mom Doesn’t Say So? And Eating a Sandwich with the Dirt Under Your Nails is Pretty OK After Allé?

Do you also have those (annoying) things you have to repeat 100 times a day?


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