Get your house and garden ready for spring

Get your house and garden ready for spring

Spring is coming! The mercury is rising fast and the snow is melting before your eyes. Everything you’ve winterized in the house can soon go back into the attic. Time to prepare home and garden for spring. Gone are the thick blankets and your wool pillow.

No thermal clothing in your closet and you can turn down the heater again.

In the Bedroom

All the plaids and quilts can be put away. No more grays and browns in your bedroom. Sprinkle in some color! A yellow fitted sheet for example or a flower print comforter cover.

Take the time to make something nice that makes you happy. Not a fan of bold prints and colors? Then keep it quiet with pastel colored details.

Candles for example, a beautiful statue or a bunch of dried flowers. Got room for a piece of art on the wall? Especially hang some pretty things that remind you of spring. Your bedroom should be a place in your home where you find peace and where you feel good.

A place where you wake up with a smile!

The garden

How wonderful it is to be able to look forward again to a garden full of sprouting plants and flowers? Then you won’t want to look out your window at anything else? Now that the snow is almost gone again and it’s getting warmer, it’s time to tackle and update your garden.

Weeding, cleaning the tiles and planning what to do with the garden. Flowers? Perennials or maybe a vegetable garden?

Do you do that in the ground or do you want vegetable garden boxes? And what are you going to sow or plant? Lettuce, endive and tomatoes?

Or rather raspberries, strawberries and berries?

Under the porch

Do you have a roof where you want to sit in the spring and summer?? Then clean the furniture and buy some new pillows and a fleece blanket to spruce it up. Do you already see yourself sitting there with your book and your cup of tea?

From morning to evening, enjoying the sun rising and setting again. Enjoy being outside with the kids, playing in the garden again. On the slide, the seesaw and the swing.

In the sandbox and playhouse. Make sure the toys are clean and ready to play!

Can’t you wait either? Just make a list for all the supplies and go!

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