How to give your living room that cool industrial look

How to give your living room that cool industrial look

Would you like to give your living room a tough industrial look, without having to tackle everything immediately or spend a lot of money? With a small change of a new floor or a vintage home accessory, you can give your living room a whole new look. How?

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An industrial look in the living room

Industrial in the living room can be a nice selection of functional, raw and rugged products. An industrial interior is much already recognizable by the combination of dark colors such as black, in a combination with gray and white and few home accessories, but let what is there well stand out. If you don’t want to change your whole house straight away or perhaps you have less budget, but would still like to have that tough industrial look in your living room, choose a good basis with a beautiful floor.

Why would you want to change your living room?

Many people have been working from home for almost a year now. Maybe you are a bit fed up with your home and would like to change something without having to spend a lot of money or spend ages on renovations. Small adjustments in the house can be very good. More and more people are opting for a cool industrial look in their living room.

Logical because the use of wood in the interior gives that warm atmosphere in the house.

With less budget also make change

Not spending too much money, but still want to change your living room, start with the floor. With a new floor you immediately give your home a completely different look:

Changing the floor

Why should you choose PVC flooring for an industrial look?? These floors are as beautiful as real wood or stone, as easy to lay as laminate and as durable as the strongest vinyl. These floors are indestructible, easy to keep clean, available in every shape, texture and color, ideal for homes with underfloor heating and it lasts longer than laminate or wood.

With a PVC floor you can create that rugged, mixed industrial look.

Make the accessories stand out

A rugged industrial look goes well with vintage. And even though with industrial you usually go for few accessories, you can of course make sure that this really stands out in your living room then. That’s what we thought at home, and after we kept looking at a clock that was running behind, we treated ourselves to an impressive industrial wall clock by Chantal Brando. This clock is big with a black metal rim and roman numerals. There is a picture of the world in the background.

The vintage look and the robustness of the clock make it a real eye-catcher in your home!

More changes to your living room

Do you want to change even more, then industrial furniture is of course super nice, but that will cost more. Less budget, then a few beautiful plants can also already provide a whole new look for your home. And if you need more inspiration, check out my Pinterest board with interior design tips.

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