6 tips to organize a party at home

Do you want to organize a party and do not know where to start, I list the steps today. Because hosting a party should be fun and not too much of a headache.

Organizing parties

You can have a party for many reasons. Here the ‘I’m turning fifty’ parties are getting closer and closer and we ourselves are celebrating our twelve and a half year wedding anniversary this year. But also you can throw a party when your children turn sixteen, twenty-one, a baby shower, wedding, you name it.

Actually, any occasion is fun to celebrate, though of course not always with big parties. Getting together with the family or relatives is also worth its weight in gold.

At home or on location

When you throw a party, you first have to think about whether you want to do this at home or at a location. It also depends on how many people are coming to the place where you want to have the party. The advantage of being away from home is that you don’t have to worry about doing the dishes or cleaning up afterwards. But considering the costs, celebrating at home is often more favorable.

So my tips today are party-based at home.

Tips for hosting a party at home

Now if you want to organize a party at home, maybe these tips will help you:

Choose a theme

If you want to give a theme to the party, start with this. From here you can then customize the rest of the party. No theme is too crazy these days.

But do not make it too crazy, people should not be charged for a dress code because you have an impossible theme.

Create and order the invitations

A nice and original invitation is nowadays easily and quickly created online. In addition to all the details, don’t forget to note any dress code and gift tip. What is also very nice; develop your own posters. Especially with a Sweet sixteen or a party for Abraham or Sarah.

Posters can be printed easily and quickly and is fun to have made alongside the invitations, for example.

Get your precious things out of the room

Making your house party-proof is of course very important for a party, take away things that are dear to you. Make room on the coat rack or make sure people have somewhere to put their coats. If you want to celebrate outside, make sure there is enough space to place food and glasses (you can rent standing tables).

But also think about a heater for the terrace. Hang nice lighting outside and if the weather is not so good, think of a party tent.

Home decoration

Nowadays you can find a lot of suitable decorations and ornaments for a theme party. There is actually something for every party and it dresses up the house just a little bit extra.

Make a music list

Although it is often crowded during a party and you can hardly hear the music, this is of course part of it. Make a nice music list in advance. Now of course this list depends on the target group coming, should there be dancing and the theme.

And tell the neighbors that the day/evening could be noisier.

Food and drink

Think carefully in advance about what you want to serve and how. The easiest thing at a party is often to do self-service for the drinks, then you are not just standing in the kitchen pouring drinks. Also, think carefully about what you want to offer in terms of food.

Make sure that snacks can be prepared in advance and if you want bitterballen, remember that the fryer must be on during the party. What you can also opt for are cocktails. Provide a script on how to make them and let people make their own cocktails ( with or without alcohol).

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