Beauty routine – The benefits of a facial roller

Beauty routine- The benefits of a facial roller

Do you have regular beauty routine? For the morning or in the evening? And you already use a facial roller?

If you don’t know what this is and why it’s so nice for your skin, read on. Today I review the face roller of Never Naked and give away a discount code!

Your Beauty Routine

We all have our own beauty routine. What we use on care products, the brands that we spread, but also when we use them. So too. Now I occasionally throw my regular routine when I can use new products. This time is a facial roller.

New for me, but no longer indispensable in my beauty routine!

What are facial rollers

Do you already have a facial roller? Facial rollers exist in all shapes and sizes and are available in various stones and materials. Consider, for example, the Jade Steen or Rose Quartz facial rollers who are particularly known for the relaxing effect but also to Germanium metals and 3D facial rollers known as “Massage Facial Rollers”.

A rose quartz faceroller

I recently received a rose quartz faceroller from Never Naked. Because I am completely new with the facial roller, I first started to delve into this. As the name suggests, these facial rollers are made from rose quartz.

A gem that stands for (self) love and relationships with yourself & others. In other words, a perfect gift for yourself or another. The rose quartz facial roller has a 1 big one & 1 small roller (2 ends) and is packed in a bag so that you can easily store it.

Advantages of this rose quartz faceroller

But why do you use a facial roller and why is this rose quartz faceroller so fine? The advantages are:

  • It has a relaxing effect
  • It looks super nice and is a real eye-catcher
  • Super easy to use
  • Reduces the pores
  • But also ensures that waste is removed faster
  • Perhaps my biggest favorite, it gives a clear one & fresh skin
  • Lymphatic drainage, or: the drainage of moisture retirement
  • A boost of collagen, which ensures that wrinkles and lines are reduced
  • Improves blood circulation

Evening routine

’ In the evening when I removed my makeup and cleaned my face, I grab my rose quartz facial roller. It is a very nice feeling to use the roller. I looked up online how I can best do this ‘ roll ’ And now I am working on this facial roller for ten minutes every night. I find the rose quartz wonderfully refreshing for my skin, so that it really gets a boost, which understands that you can also use this facial roller in the morning.

It also works incredibly relaxed for my face.

A massage of the skin

It is a massage of your skin that you give yourself and it feels that way. After use I have the idea that my face is starting to glow a little. I notice that the massage stimulates blood flow and this gives a nice feeling.

Care of the skin

The care of your skin should be a fixed beauty routine, every morning and evening. Because how often we are in a hurry or no sense, while that extra attention for your skin is so good.

Velor Scrunchies

Another product that I could try Zvan Never Naken are these pink velor scrunchies. When I clean my face, but even now that my hair is longer, I wear scrunchies in my hair. I am very satisfied with this Van Never Naked.

They are not only super beautiful to see in color and also feel so nice and soft (ideal so if you wear one around your arm to always have an elastic band for your hair with you), they also wear very fine. These scrunchies do not fall and stay in place.

Never Naked

Never Naked has been officially introduced since March 2021 and offers products such as: skin care producers (facial rollers), jewelry & hair accessories. At the moment they only deliver in the Netherlands.

Discount code

With the with the code ‘ Lodi10 ’ You get a 10 percent discount on your all items from Nevernaked via the Never Naked webshop (valid until March 29). .

More inspiration

Taking care of your face well is so important. Now that I use the facial roller, I really don’t want anything else. You can find more Beauty Inspiration on my Pinterest plate.

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