Getting through the hours in and around the plane

Getting through the hours in and around the plane

You probably recognize it, the hours you have to wait to buy a airplane but also the hours you have to get through when you’re on a plane. And if you are alone you can manage, but flying with children? Here some tips, should you be able to use them.

Traveling by plane

With a sister who immigrated to America thirteen years ago and me once having a life as a backpacker, I have seen the inside of many airports and planes. If I flew alone, that was relaxed. Book along and I enjoyed myself. How different was it with children. The first years in and around the airplanes were tough. These days they’re out of my hands. They sit in their airplane seat, put on their headphones and look at the screen in the seat in front of them. Today I am listing tips on how to pass the time at the airport and on the plane. And I’ll let you know how to win a trip to Rome with Claimingo

To your vacation destination

Going on vacation by plane, some find it relaxing. No hot car, no traffic jam around the périphérique. The other hates flying. Always a long wait, crying children on the plane or delays. In recent years we have flown with the children several times. I prepare for this every time, because I always know that it can take a long time.


My sister emigrated to America thirteen years ago and now lives here with her family. The times we fly we always go to America. Meanwhile, I am an expert in avoiding certain airports. I know exactly which ones I should or should not take to switch. I want to be sure my luggage will arrive. But how to travel relaxed with children? But of course also for yourself.

Tips for flying (with kids)

  • Take a good book with you.
  • Take plenty of time to check in. It can be very busy and especially with children you should not stress.
  • If you can, check in beforehand at home.
  • Make sure you have a small gift (coloring book/pens/ car) that you can give while waiting at the airport. Your child can play with something new.
  • If your child is still very small, ask if there is a bassinet for them to sleep in (it can be placed on the wall).
  • Take baby wipes, you are bound to spill some drinks.
  • Also extra clothing ( for the same reason) is handy to bring in hand luggage.
  • Stopover? make sure you have enough time to change flights. Some airports are so big that it takes ages to change planes.
  • Check in advance what you can take with you in terms of food and drink. For babies’s and small children they are easy, but I once had to throw away an entire bottle of lemonade during a transfer, because I had opened it and it was no longer allowed to go with me.
  • Can you take a tablet with you, do. We all know how children can have fun here.

What if your flight is delayed or cancelled.

Waiting at the airport is hard enough, both for your child and yourself. After a long time you have had enough of plane spotting. But what if the flight is delayed, canceled or overbooked? Then you’re totally balking. It costs extra money and extra time. But where can you go, when this is done? With questions about costs? For inconveniences like this you can turn to Claimingo. With a mouse click you know if and what the compensation is on your flight.

Win a trip to Rome

Claimingo is now trying to make this inconvenience a little more pleasant through a super fun win promotion. Claim your compensation now (from July 1 to September 30) on Claimingo, then you can win a trip to Rome. Look here for the terms and conditions. Hop on the plane!

Photo’s lodiblogt/ free image via Pixabay/collaboration

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