Review Doctor D’s puzzle lab by Denksport

Review: Doctor D’s puzzle lab from Denksport

Puzzling in puzzle books, the boys like to do it a lot. Super nice if they can review new puzzle books every now and then and even more fun is that I can also give one away. The youngest made the puzzles from Dokter D’s Puzzle Lab by Denksport, a puzzle book for 6-10 year olds.

Puzzles with Denksport

I have since realized that they keep coming up with new puzzle books at Denksport. Where you used to have less choice in puzzle books, we have been able to review puzzle books more often in recent years. There are puzzle books for every age – young or old.

Personally, I prefer puzzles in the Philippines. I often make these together with the eldest son. But I also increasingly use puzzle books with colors and codes. The boys also color a lot in their mind sport My Pixelart

Doctor D’s Puzzle Lab

But what makes this puzzle book different from other puzzle books? Dokter D’s puzzle lab is a beautiful colorful full color puzzle block with 72 pages for children aged 6 to 10 years. In this puzzle block you work like a real professor: look closely and then think logically about how best to solve the (logic) puzzles.

This is how you help Doctor D with the most difficult riddles. Although sometimes it seems as if Doctor D needs more help from you than you from him.

The puzzle block can be purchased separately in the shops for € 4.50 or can be ordered here (appearance 4 times a year). An introductory price of € 4.25 applies to the first edition! There is no subscription option for this title.

On sale from May 23.

This is what the son thinks

The youngest of nine was immediately enthusiastic about Dokter D’s Puzzle Lab. The puzzle book looks super fun and colorful. He found one page more difficult than the other, but found the challenges very great.

He is enthusiastic and would rather not share it with his brother.

Doctor D

Doctor D

Contest Doctor D’s Puzzle Lab

You can now win a Doctor D’s puzzle lab here. Please note that this puzzle book is for children aged 6 to 10 years

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  • This giveaway will last until May 12, 2019.

Congratulations Jeth you have won the puzzle booklet, you have received mail.

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