CATRICE Limited Edition “NEONUDE”

CATRICE Limited Edition “NEONUDE”- a true summer feeling on your nails

Wherever we may be this summer, we can only hope for nice weather. There should be summery nails! CATRICE is coming out with a Limited Edition “NEONUDE”.

Nine diverse nail polish colors.

So it won’t be up to us, anyway?

Beautifully groomed nails

Nail biting is something I did for too long and since I no longer do this, I prefer to have very long nails. Now this is not always easy with the hobby I have, which is climbing. I always lose my nail polish after a workout too, which doesn’t matter to me because then I can put another color of nail polish on again.

Now at the moment I still have a lot of fall colors so I’m very happy with the Limited Edition from CATRICE that shows summer colors.

Boldness meets sophistication

Bright neon colors combined with delicate nudes. With CATRICE Limited Edition “NEONUDE” you get a summer feeling on your nails whether we can go on vacation or will spend the summer months at home in the garden anyway. With nine diverse nail polish colors you’ll look top!

The choice is again vast, from radiant shades like neon coral and fuchsia to delicate rose gold and shimmering white.

Subtle colors

The nine nail polishes come in practical mini packaging and inspire different nail styles! For lovers of subtle, the collection includes five delicate, partially shimmering nail polishes in subtle nude or rose shades. For a groomed, freshly manicured look. Below are two of these colors for your nails, namely Tender Rosegold and Illuminating White

  • C07 Tender Rosegold
  • C09 Illuminating White

More striking colors

For fans of the more striking styles, there are four bold neon colors for a guaranteed eye-catcher. Neon nails, for example, can add a trendy accent to a low-key Style in subtle colors or summery white. And they also look great with tanned skin.

Whichever color you go for, the lacquers all have a perfect, glossy gel finish and last up to seven days without a topcoat. Below are three colors:

  • C04 Flashy Pink
  • C08 Shrill Orange

A mini collection for and you and me

The mini collection with its trendy color selection for your nails will appear on CATRICE beauty shelves from the end of August until the end of October. The Limited Edition combines elegance with expressiveness and, thanks to the different effects, the nail polishes with a glossy gel finish perfectly finish any look. CATRICE NEONUDE is exclusively available at Kruidvat.

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