Buy loose tea online at Teaking

Buy loose tea online at Teaking

Fond Tea? And do you like to drink surprising flavors of tea? Teaking’s loose tea is always freshly picked and properly dried so that the quality remains the best, and you can taste that!

Why loose tea?

Loose tea, I drink it a lot, but why so much loose tea? I find the taste with loose tea more intense than with tea in a bag. By infusing loose tea through a tea strainer you give the tea leaves enough space to swim, unfold and develop flavor.

This way all the flavors end up in the water, giving that intense taste!

Teaking, truly a Tea King!

At Teaking you will find good quality tea, it is freshly picked and properly dried tea and you can really taste that. The flavors are very fine. You can taste that this (loose) tea has been treated well.

On the Teaking site they have a great selection of loose leaf teas. So you can choose from:

  • Green tea
  • rooibos tea
  • black tea
  • white tea
  • herbal tea
  • fruit tea
  • special teas like:
    • Blooming tea Riyal Rose
    • Silver Needle

    Tea as tea should taste

    Intensely enjoy the freshly picked tea from Teaking. I got to taste three surprising flavors with equally surprising names, namely Mama’s Apple Pie, Jasmine Vanilla and Koala’s feast. On this site you will find all these kinds of fun and surprising names for the teas. With each tea read you will also find the ingredients:

    Mommy’s Apple Pie

    Mama’s apple pie, I was most curious about this flavor. You have to be patient when you make the tea, as it has to steep for at least 10-12 minutes, but that is not a problem, as it only makes the surprise greater. The taste is full and the combination of sweet apple, raisins and cinnamon is to dream away.

    It really smells and tastes like apple pie! Delicious! Of course you can have a slice of apple pie with this, but how about a slice of Caramel Sea Salt Cheesecake??

    Your mouth already watering?

    Ingredients: Apple pieces, cinnamon pieces, hibiscus blossom, almond pieces, rosehip skins, elderberry, raisins, blackcurrants, aroma

    Jasmine Vanilla

    I chose Jasmine Vanilla because I always love vanilla and this loose tea is perfect for me. You taste the sweetness of the vanilla very clearly, but also the bitterness of the green tea. An ideal combination, as far as I am concerned. The flavors you taste in the jasmine vanilla tea are of fruity, sweet cream and a portion of berries, subtly enveloped by a hint of flowers.

    You see in the tea the fine silver needles and jasmine blossoms but there are also strawberry slices in it.

    Ingredients: Green tea sencha (89%), Jasmine blossoms, dried strawberry pieces, white tea yunnan (3%)

    Buy loose tea online at Teaking

    Koala’s feast (organic)

    How did they come up with the name I thought, until I opened the tea bag and immediately smelled the eucalyptus in here. Koala’s feast! I get it! The tea has a very fresh taste and the flavors are very clearly retrievable.

    The tea contains only ingredients of organic origin. It is a mix of different fresh herbs and fruits. The lemongrass and eucalyptus leaves provide a fresh tone, which is combined with the sweetness of apple and orange peel pieces.

    Also added are toasted coconut flakes This makes for a special addition.

    Ingredients: Lemongrass*, eucalyptus leaves*, apple pieces*, orange peel*, toasted coconut flakes*.
    *agricultural product of organic origin

    Buy loose tea online at Teaking

    This is how to make the best tea

    The packaging tells you how many grams you need for a cup of tea, how long you need to steep it and how hot the water needs to be. I have a kettle with different settings. Before I didn’t use this much, but now I make sure I have the right tea temperature with my tea.

    Use a tea strainer for this loose tea or if you want to take the tea with you on the go in a travel mug then paper tea filters are also super handy.

    Be surprised by the different flavors of tea

    Are you a tea drinker like me?? Or if you want to learn to drink more tea, Teaking is really a site where you can learn to appreciate flavors. There is a lot of choice in flavors and these are flavors that can surprise you.

    You can very easily choose by seasons and by the type of tea you are looking for and now if you are curious about other flavors of Teaking, read over at Lifestylemommys she is as much a tea drinker as I am and tried other flavors from this online store.

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