A facial just do it at home now

A facial, now just do it at home

Even though we are temporarily unable to visit the beautician right now, our skin still deserves the best care to stay optimally healthy and radiant. With a facial with products from Webecos realize a moment of relaxation.


Thanks to the extensive and high-quality care packages of Webecos you can provide your skin with professional care. Here’s how to temporarily create the ultimate salon feel just at your home! Because even now that we cannot go to the beautician, your skin deserves the best care to stay optimally healthy and radiant.

With products from Webecos you can give yourself the best facial treatment.

Affordable packages

Webecos has put together two delicious, affordable packages. Both for a facial that you can just do at home. These two packages consist of three different skin products each that will give you some well-deserved me-time and boost your skin:

The collages at home treatment (€ 69.50)

This Webecos Collagen line is specially designed for aging skin. Maybe you notice that your skin is starting to get a bit saggy and has some more wrinkles and/or facial lines. Then this facial is for you. In a stylish toiletry bag you will find the following products:

Supersoft Peeling (100ml)

If you have sensitive skin, you can use the Supersoft Peeling. As a soothing component, azulene from chamomile oil has been added to this peeling. You easily apply the peeling to the skin by gently massaging the cream in with damp fingers.

Tip: do you own an electric facial cleanser at home? Then it is good to combine with the Supersoft Peeling. It also ensures good circulation in the face.

Collagen Cream Mask (100ml)

The Collagen Cream Mask is a hydrating mask with marine collagen as the active ingredient. The vitamins from the added avocado oil activate connective tissue metabolism in the middle layer of the skin. This mask is especially for you if your skin is sagging and/or wrinkling due to connective tissue aging.

Collavital E Cream (50ml)

Collavital E Cream is the ideal cream for mature skin. It is a 24-hour cream. To which is added extract from the buds of the tropical spilanthes acmella plant, which is rich in alkylamides and the protective vitamin e. Because of this Composition, The Cream Has Moisturizing, Regenerating and Vitalizing Properties.

The Collavital E Cream Restores Moisture and Combats Aging and Wrinkles.

Vitacell Home Treatment (€ 75.00)

Skin That Glows with Health and Impresses with a Beautiful ‘Glow’: The Vitacell Products Are Designed to Highlight the Natural Beauty of the Skin. The Toiletry Bag of the Vitacell Home Treatment is Filled with the Following Three Products:

Vitacell Radiance Prepare Foam (150 ml)

This Rich and Wonderful Soft Cleansing Foam is Suitable for All Skin Types. The Foaming Cleanser Gently Removes Impurities and Excess Skin Cells Without Compromising the Skin’s Essential Hydration.

Vitacell Radiance Enzyme Mask (100 ml)

This mask will give you a smooth look and youthful skin in no time. The mask is made from the enzymes from the papaya fruit and has a mild cleansing effect. Apply a thin layer evenly to the face and neck and leave the mask on for five minutes.

Remove the mask well with lukewarm water.

Vitacell Skin Energy Cream (50ml)

And finally, make your dull and tired skin shine again with the Vitacell Skin Energy Cream. This 24-hour care is rich in vitamins and antioxidants that refresh the skin. The active ingredients in this cream, including grape seed oil, avocado oil, glycerin, belt weed, calendula oil and moisture-binding hyaluronic acid, hydrate the skin and protect against free radicals.

Caring for your skin

These are obviously pricey products, I am the first to say this. Previously, I was never into the more expensive skincare products until I started using Webecos’ Face Lotion. This lotion is not cheap either, but since I have been using it every day, I notice how my skin reacts to it and I am pretty convinced about using these products.


Get Webecos’ facial treatment packages easily and quickly by ordering them from your own Webecos beauty salon or via the Webecos site

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