Why you should use a glass nail file

Why it is better to use a glass nail file

Do you already use a glass nail file? I have long nails and like to take good care of them, with the nail file from glass nail file.nl is a piece of cake!

Nerve tip first class

I have always been a nervous wreck, I couldn’t help it. Even at school, if I had my tests super well learned., I was still very nervous. Later, when I got older, I could control it quite well, but now I still have a tummy ache from the tension when I have to do something new, for example.

These nerves always expressed themselves to me in nail biting. Making them very short and ugly.

Care is so important

As with so many other things, the switch was made all at once. I think it started when I took a long trip and was busy with so many other things, had little stress, that I could suddenly leave my nails alone and give them a chance to grow but I noticed then how important a yellow care was.

Good maintenance

Nowadays I have long nails. I personally like this one. Because of this I am always busy with a file and nail polish.

Meanwhile, I have a nice collection of colors. I also file my nails a lot, especially after climbing. After climbing my nails often get a bit hooked and then I shape them a bit again.

Why a glass nail file

Since I have found that a good nail file is just very important for proper care of your nails, I was very happy to get some from glass nail file.nl was allowed to try. But why would you choose this?

  • Your nails will be smoother after using a glass nail file than a metal one for example.
  • It prevents unwanted nail breakage with regular use.
  • They are indestructible.
  • And because they are non-porous, it is very hygienic.
  • Suitable for both natural and artificial nails.

The assortment

At glass nail file.en they have different nail files in the assortment.

  • Hand painted.
  • With swarovski stones.
  • With a hardcase to carry in your bag.
  • foot files
  • Curved glass files.

My experiences

To be honest, I had never heard of glass nail files. I used a metal one and must say that I wore out several, because at one point the handle came loose every time. I have had the glass nail files for several weeks and have tested them frequently. I am enthusiastic. And notice that my nails get stronger and don’t break easily.

I personally find it much more hygienic. I can file my nails with the handy handle of the curved nail file. They are practically indestructible.

I like this one with the letter L. This is a practically indestructible one with the letter L in glass Swarovski decoration on a background that goes from light to dark pink. The glass file can be used on both sides, and comes in a hard plastic tube, where I can also safely store the nail file.

For each letter of the alphabet you can choose from a number of different files. This file costs €14.95. Nice also to give as a gift.

Curved Nail File

New in the range at glass nail file.nl include the Curved nail files with handle. This is a nice round curved nail file, with the file embedded in the edge. The curved shape of the glass nail file fits comfortably in the hand.

This is reinforced by the slightly non-slip handle. Because the file is incorporated into the edge, and the curved shape of the nail file itself, it is easy to follow the round shape of the nail and to file the nails nice and round. All without sharp edges or hooks.

Also, the top and bottom of the file can be used for coarse work. This file costs € 14,95

I personally love the curved nail file. It lies very well in the hand and filing the nails is much easier. I feel that my nails are smoother and firmer with the use of this nail file and I can file them very nicely rounded by the handle.

A must for beautiful round nails

glass nail file


On behalf of glass nail file.I am allowed to give away two curved glass nail files. What to do:

  • Comment below this post if you would also like to try a glass nail file and who knows I can make you happy with the yellow or green nail file
  • The win action runs until February 14, 2018
  • The winner will be notified by mail.

Congratulations Rachelle and Wies, you won a glass nail file. I sent you an email.

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