Bikini and Strandwikken -Lascana

Bikini and beachwear-lascana

When you need a new bikini, where do you look? Are you looking for this online or would you prefer to go to a store? And even when you are not a real beach human, you can certainly wear beachwear, because it can also be worn in the city!

Kiloot more this summer

Since I have been sitting with my (now known) knee complaints, I exercise much less than before. And I notice that. Since last year there have really been a few pounds and my skin is not all that tight anymore. Not surprising when you consider that I was exercising super fanatically 4 to 5 times a week. I did a lot of Boot Camp related exercises and walked fast.

If you then stop this one at the next, it is best to switch to adjust your eating pattern to this. I don’t think I am a bit fuller now and I can’t do more than accepting it.

A suitable bikini search

But with those pounds more, there had to be a new bikini. I now have a bikini that closes on the sides with a bow. I really can’t have this anymore, I have to be honest about that. The pants are also quite small and does not completely cover my buttocks. If I now wear this bikini in the summer by the pool or on the beach, I will not feel comfortable in this.

I do like to wear a bikini and so I went looking for a new one. I searched and ended up at Lascana. There was so much choice of bikini ’ s There had to be a good way in between.

Ideal at this store is that in addition to 2-part bikini ’ s, you can also buy loose pants and tops. This allows you to search for, for example, pants with bows or pipes. A top pieces with push-up or a bracket.

The choice

I found a bikini that is completely to my liking. A top with bracket and bikini pants that are slightly higher on the hip. When the package fell after three days, my first reaction was; ’ Wow that pants are very big.’ However, when I attracted him, it sat like a glove. I held the pants against my ‘ old bikini ’ that with the bows. And my new pants were clearly larger, but this is how my buttocks are packed well and the tire at the top of the pants falls on my hips, so I disguise these curves nicely.

I can adjust the top of the bikini at the top so that it fits perfectly. This week I was at the lakes with my new bikini. The bikini was fine, does not sand in the neck and does not pinch the pants.

Summer bikini beachwear

Beach clothing also for the city

Now that I was shopping, I looked further on the site. In addition to swimwear, Lascana also has a lot of summer clothing. This is under the heading of beachwear, but can of course also be worn in the city. Because nowadays I often have a brace on my knee, I more often wear a long dress or wide pants.

Not that I am ashamed of that brace and I also wear it with shorts, but when I go into town or a day away, I don’t have to show it again.

Long dress and lounge pants

I found a super nice beach dress. Long with under the breasts tailored. This makes the fabric pretty straight down. In addition, a nice detail, namely spirals with the neck straps so that you can set the cleavage.

Depending on how high or low the cleavage can be. I also chose pants with wide strap from above and smok band at the bottom of the legs.

Hurt extra pounds

Together with the bikini they arrived in a large package. The dress is made of viscose and is therefore soft and this wears very fine. Because of the spirals on the shoulder straps you can play nice with the height of the cleavage and the elastic edge just below my bosom falls straight down.

So you don’t see those extra pounds, hip and belly all around. I think it looks very beautiful myself.

bikini summer beachwear

Summer bikini beachwear

Beach dress Lascana from € 54.99

Lounge rooks for all day

The pants are also like a glove. The wearing comfort is fine and because of the soft fabric this is really a pants that you live in, it is so comfortable. It is hip pants and because of the elastic on the pipes it is sporty with a set of slippers and neat when you wear heels under it.

Summer bikini beachwear

BUFFALO Pants from € 39.99, Shirt Garcia € 15.00, Slippers Tamaris

Summer bikini beachwear

The Lascana collection

I am very satisfied with the Lascana collection. Lascana is part of Otto and especially for ladies. I am so satisfied because the sizes are knocking (always very nice). The colors match the photo ’ s on the site.

I think the only separate is that the price goes up a few euros when the sizes get bigger, which is why the prices also ‘ from ’ stands.

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