10 articles every Journal fan can put to good use

10 articles every Journal fan could use

What should every Journal fan have with them right now for journaling? What can you really put to good use and what is just nice to have? Today I’m putting online the 10 articles every Journal fan should have

Start journaling

Once you start journaling, chances are you’ll quickly become a Journal fan and now I’m speaking from personal experience. Once I Started with a Bullet Journal, Meanwhile I Have, In Addition to Bullet Journals, Several Junk Journals, An Altered Book Junk Junk Journal and Several Notebooks Full Of Writing and Drawing. But what do you need to get started:

A (Bullet)Journal

What every Journal fan needs? First a journal of course. That can be a Bullet Journal, with the famous dots, a notebook, a notebook, homemade journal or whatever you want to write and draw in. It doesn’t matter at all. Just what you like to use.

Multiple fineliners

If you are going to journal, make sure you have good fineliners. Buy these right away in a package of different sizes, because you can use them all well. With a fineliner you can make the most beautiful lines, texts and drawings.

Lots of Stickers

Many, many stickers you may have when you start a Journal. Every Journal fan probably has drawers full of it. Stickers you can buy on theme (I recently bought Vintage stickers) or for example at Action. Stickers can go everywhere. Nice are also the Word Stickers, For Example Those of Tim Holz.

Also lots of washi tape

As with stickers, it also counts for washi tape, a Journal fan never has enough of these. Washitape comes in all colors and sizes and the best thing is to have as many of them as possible, keep them in a storage box so you always have them at hand .


A corner punch or a banner punch, as well as a hand punch to make holes are handy for any Journal fan. A photo is just a little more playful with a rounded corner and a banner is very easy to make with a punch. Also nice is a hole punch to make holes in a tag. You can buy these in different sizes.

10 items every journal fan should have

Good glue

Do you want to work in a Journal then good glue is really something you need. Nothing more frustrating than letting things go, I’m sure every Journal fan will agree with me on that. See what suits you. This can be a glue stick, or liquid glue. Always make sure there is a carpet pad on which you glue. Keep your desk or table glue free.

Paper pads

Nice to use in a Journal are paper pads, you can also find thesis in Different Colors, Sizes, Thicknesses and Sizes. You can find Them Online, at Action or On Bulb. With a papar pad you can work in your journal, but you can also use this to make cards, a junk journal, use it to make storage boxes and so much more.

Stamps and Stamp Pads

Now this really isn all, because you want to start journaling then stamps and stamp pads, or course, are also needededed. You can Chose Black, but at Tim Holz You Can also Find Many Colors of Stamp Pads. Not only fun for stamping, also fun to give the sides of your paper that old vintage look.

Looking for Inspiration for Journaling?? Check out my YouTube Channel or My Pinterest Board

Get started

All Journal Fans Will Say, Just Start And You Should. Buy a Journal, or grab a notebook from the drawer and just start, you’ll find out what you need as you go along and you certainly don’t have to buy everything at once. Just start, get started and get creative.

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