40 years of Star Wars at the Museum of the 20th Century in Hoorn

40 years of Star Wars in the museum of the 20th century in Hoorn

40 years of Star Wars‘ at the Museum of the 20th century in Hoorn. If you have star wars fans in the house then is definitely an exhibit to go to, but even if you are not a big fan. And then walk Right through the Entire Museum, This One is Beautiful! .

40 years of Star Wars

The First Star Wars Movie was released in 1977 and immediately Became an “Unrelenting Bestseller! Kids Didn’t Just Want To See the Movie! They wanted the toys. You can Now Admire All Thesis Toys At The Museum. There are dolls, collectors items, chess games, but also you can sit in the cockpit of the millennium falcon. And Come Across Life-Size Figures Such as Chewbaca, Princess Leia and Darth Vader.

Dress up as your hero

Children Can Dress Up As Star Wars Characters And Try To Crawl Through A Real Laser Field. Upstairs in The Museum is an entire hallway where lego is displayed. Lego Star Wars, from the first movie to the last Star Wars movie and where children can build and play by themselves. Because the exhibition is built from 1977 it is not only fun for the youngest fans. Here at home they were actually introduced to Star wars because Lego came up with this. The films themselves they have never seen.

Learn the characters

You learned a lot about the characters ( from some of them I finally understood – after 40 years- how the family bond was put together) and by the life-size doll of Princess Leia ( actress Carrie Fisher who died recently) there was a beautiful flower in memory of this actress.

Museum of the 20th century

This exhibit is not the only thing on display at the museum. There’s more. The Museum of the 20th century is in Hoorn. On the Eastern Island. It is located in the old prison. A beautiful location at the harbour. Last year we were also here for the Playmobil Exposition and so this year Star Wars.

Back in time

However the Museum Offers More The Museum of the 20th Century in Hoorn Tells About Life in the Last Century Through Hundreds of Objects and Doses of Interiors. How Did Our (Grand) Parents Live? What Toys Did Children Play With? What Stores Were There? How was Cooking? What people did in their spare time? What was on radio or television? You’ll Get Answers to Questions Like Thesis at this Nostalgic Museum. So when the exhibition is visited the adventure continues in the museum. The Museum is definitely WORTH A VISIT

From November 19, 2016 to October 29, 2017 Is displayed in Three Rooms of the Museum of the 20th Century of Everything That Has Been Sold Around the Star Wars Films Since 1977.Plenty of time to take a look.

Photo ’ S Lodiblogt/ Free Image from Tokapic via Pixabay

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