How to determine the best spot for a vegetable garden

How to determine the best place for a vegetable garden

What’s now the best place for a vegetable garden? When you consider the space you have, the sun and shade that comes into the garden. But also what you want to grow.

Since I am already busy with growing containers, but was struggling with the location of my vegetable garden, I went looking for answers as to what is the best place for a vegetable garden.

Starting to sow

If you want to start a vegetable garden, it’s not like you can just do anything for a while. To really get results from your vegetable garden you will have to give it time and attention. I myself thought I should put the seeds in the ground sometime in April. And when I read about pre-SEEDING, I thought; ‘ I’m not going to do all that ’. Until I figured out that with different vegetables this makes sense.

But I also did not know about growing containers or pricking out plants. I had to read up on this and then I found out that starting a vegetable garden is not something you do just like that.

The ideal place for a vegetable garden

The plants I’ve transplanted can be put in the ground soon. Just like the other seeds, which are now still waiting in the packaging. But what is the best place for a vegetable garden.

Where can you get the most results?

What is the best place for a vegetable garden

Not only can you plant your seeds in the garden itself, you can also. You can also put them in containers or pots. This not only looks super cozy it is also easy when you have less space in the garden.

I myself have been searching for the best place. But the side of the garden I had in mind didn’t get enough sun anyway. Then I Changed My Plan and Cleared Another Part of the Garden for My Vegetables.

This is not very big and I really just want to see how it goes this year. If I like it, I can always make more room next year. But what is the best place for a vegetable garden??

In sight

The first thing I read everywhere is that the best place for a vegetable garden is in plain sight. Because out of sight, out of mind. And I really do. My containers are in front of me on the windowsill and I have to say I don’t forget to water them, if they were out of sight it would probably be more difficult.

Also, it’s fun to watch the plants grow and, not unimportantly, this keeps you from forgetting what you have. Think spices for the kitchen. The easiest is when you have it in sight, can cut it off and use it.

Choose a sunny spot

For the best place for a vegetable garden it is important that it is light. So make sure and sunny spot. preferably a little on the west or south side of the garden, so that the east and north winds cannot get hold of it.

The best thing for your vegetable garden is to have five to eight hours of sunlight a day.

And out of the wind

Try to keep your vegetable garden a bit out of the wind, but don’t let the bushes around it provide too much shade. You see the best place for a vegetable garden is not so easy to find.

Cultivate the soil

Pay attention to which soil you buy at the garden shop. So for your vegetable garden you have special vegetable garden bags of potting soil. For a healthy and natural vegetable garden, it is wise to use organic (or organic) potting soil. This will help the environment, and your herbs and vegetables will be healthier to grow.

Look around the garden center to see what they have. Just know that a bag of potting soil goes through in no time, take some extra bags with you.

Start to grow and flourish

For me, this year is the first year I will start a vegetable garden. Whether I’ve found the best place for a vegetable garden, I think so. Whether I have enough space, I doubt, but I’ll see that. And as I wrote before, I can always get extra containers or pots to plant in next year.

The anticipation alone is fun. If you are starting out like me, find the best spot for your vegetable garden for hopefully the best results.

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