Page inspiration – Beginning pages’s for a Bullet Journal

Page inspiration- Beginning pages’s for a Bullet Journal

Page inspiration for your Bullet Journal. Whether you have had a journal for a long time or are a beginner, we can all use inspiration. Especially about what you write on the first pages’s, I could not find many tips.

Hence, I like to share my own ideas here.

What do you use your Bullet journal for

Before you start a Bullet Journal, it’s good to know what you want to use it for. Are you going to use this as a diary, do you want to jot down your memories in it, turn it into a photo book. What you are going to do often determines how you start filling pages’s up.

Where do I find page inspiration?

Earlier I wrote about what you can use if you want to make a vintage Bullet journal. I also wrote in there that I am searching for exactly what I want to use my Bullet journal for this time. And I notice, that when I go looking for page inspiration myself on YouTube or Pinterest and I search on ‘starting a Bullet journal ‘I actually mostly end up with the monthly and weekly blog and that’s just what I don’t want to do this time.

Hence, I am now writing my own article with what I do in my new journal.

How to do my journal

This time I am going to let go of the month and week part. Why? Because I have found from previous experience that I really enjoy making a weekly blog, but I don’t do enough with it later on. Too much white remains in my Journal.

I have a calendar where I write my daily appointments or blog schedule and that’s okay. I do need more space for extra planning, for notes and I also want to be able to put away photos and memories. So I will use this Vintage Bullet Journal for that.

My inspirations page

How did I get started with this Bullet Journal:

  • The beginning is a quote page, so I start with that too.
  • Next I note a ‘about me’
    • who am I
    • What do I like
    • What do I like
    • the books I’m reading this year
    • the series we watch

    After this month, for April I will make another front cover, blog schedule and a place for weekly reminders. If I suddenly want to make a wish list or make a vacation plan (let’s hope this will be possible again soon) I just do it between the months. For that I use the index at the front.

    I number all the pages and suddenly a page comes up randomly, then I put it at the index and can find it if needed.

    The Bullet Journal I use here and the stickers you see by the way are from the site BulletJournalkopen. Here you can find everything for starting a Journal.

    Now if you want to see what I made per page you can in the video below:

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