A new bathroom. What to consider?

A better shower can be reasons to remodel your bathroom, at least it was for us. But how to adapt your new bathroom to all your needs? And what do you have to take into account?

My own shower is the best

I love vacations and prefer to go camping abroad. In the past I have made many long trips and I always missed little from home except my own bed, toilet and shower. Not at all wrong of course, because that just means that the best equipment is at home.

A new bathroom

When we moved into this house over thirteen years ago, there was a kitchen, toilet and bathroom in it. We liked this one and have enjoyed it for years. Until the kitchen got old after all. This one came new and actually we started to get more and more annoyed with the bathroom too. Here was a bath with a shower, a toilet and a sink.

Everything got older, we never used the bathtub, the shower didn’t give a nice strong jet and the bathroom was hard to clean. A year after the kitchen, the bathroom had to go

What to look for when buying a bathroom?

We went to several bathroom specialists. Just to get a good idea of what was for sale. What is important to do first, before you start getting ideas, is to measure the bathroom properly. Also, just take your tape measure with you to the store or write down all the measurements well when you store online. Then you come to the large selection of tiles.

Buying tiles at Douche Concurrent, is a possibility, here you will find a wide range of colors. Tiles largely determine the look of the bathroom.

Making choices

Once you have the colors of the tiles, the next step is to look at the layout of the bathroom. For example, we really wanted a double sink. I find this so easy with two children growing and two adults in the house. But I also had wishes in terms of faucets.

The boys have a bowel disease and need to be flushed, these flush bags should fit under the faucet. I was part of this and knew exactly what I wanted to buy. But I also had my wishes as far as the mirror was concerned. There is such a large selection of bathroom mirrors, just find one that meets everyone’s expectations.

I wear lenses myself, so we have a mirror with a lamp above it, this is ideal for me when taking my lenses in and out.

A big wish of mine was a rain shower

And after the sink and mirror there is the choice; do you want a bath or a shower? This is so different for each person. Some really want a bathtub and couldn’t live without it, while others see a shower as a requirement in their new bathroom.

We deliberately chose a rain shower. Also a rain shower. This was a big wish for us. After all those years with a bath, in which we rarely sat, with a shower that did not really give a good hard water jet, I was so curious about a rain shower. Showering is now so nice.

We are still happy every day with the choices we made then.

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