About Our Steaks:

We hand-select only the finest natural, farm-raised, corn-fed, premium single-breed Premium Angus beef.  Our Classic Steaks are hand-carved from the most prized, premiere and costly cuts.  All of our beef is aged a minimum of 30 days to the ultimate peak in flavor and tenderness, and butchered on premises.  Each cut is hand-trimmed to the leanest, most exacting standards and each Steak is hand carved daily, often to order.  The result is the leanest, richest, most tender and most intensely-flavored Steaks available anywhere at any price.

About Our Prices:

We here at The Classics work very hard to only charge the lowest possible prices for everything we offer, and no more. We do this so that as broad a range of the public as possible can enjoy the finest of high-quality steaks, seafood and fine wines. Unlike many high-priced steakhouses which strive to create the most exclusive atmosphere possible, our mission is to be as inclusive as possible, therefore we intentionally eschew the exclusive and exclusionary trappings typical of other restaurants. We believe in this mission and our prices reflect these goals. We hope that by choosing to dine with us that you share in these principles as well.

Thanks So Much To or Supporters and
Readers of "Montgomery Magazine" for this Great Honor.

The Classics

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