7 Tips to make your home look visually

7 Tips to make your home look visually larger

Do you notice now that you are home so much, that your house starts to bother you a bit? Do you sometimes get in each other’s way, but moving is not an option?? You can’t make your house look bigger, but you can make it optically look bigger.

These tips should do the trick.

Your home, your place

Buying a house seems impossible at the moment. Prices are skyrocketing and if you want to buy something you have to have at least won the lottery. And yet there seems to be a run on houses, they are not yet for sale or have already been sold.

If you can’t buy a bigger house

But what if you can’t buy a bigger house? Every time you go after the nest in bids, or there is no starter home to find. Or if you just love your home and don’t want to leave, but you notice that it’s not big at all. Do you both work at home and maybe this is something for the future??

Do you remodel your living room every morning to put down your laptop or do you have your own study? Do you also notice that you are getting a bit fed up with the space in your house? That you feel it is so small and you might want to make it look bigger for yourself too?

Tips to make your home appear optically larger.

Today I come with tips to make your house look bigger. Of course it won’t make it bigger in terms of surface area, but it can give you just that little bit more space that you occasionally need in your head.

Hang mirrors in your home.

Beautiful above a dresser or your couch, a mirror. And not only does it look nice, it also makes your house look bigger. If you can, choose a nice big size.

Choose light colors

Dark colors are cozy and warm, but if you want your home to appear larger, opt for light colors. Light colors make you feel more spacious.

Look upwards

Making your home look bigger can be done by paying attention to the ceiling. For example by a wallpaper or a color on the ceiling. A shelf high up towards the ceiling, for your books for example.

Get the attention upstairs. You now automatically look upwards, making the room look higher and therefore more spacious.

Opt for large furniture

You might think it’s best to choose small furniture in a small room, but that’s definitely not true. Choose large furniture, making it prominent in the room. With multiple smaller pieces of furniture, you actually have the chance that your house can get crowded and cluttered faster.

And make sure your furniture is on legs

Did you know that a couch that stands on legs makes your living room look visually larger than one that stands directly on the floor? Funny what furniture can do for your home.

Choose big accessories

What counts for furniture also counts for accessories. Take care of big. Big plants, in big pots.

Small accessories often give a full and cluttered effect while you want your house to look bigger. It’s optical, but hey, who cares?.

Tidy up

A tidy house also looks bigger and tidiness gives a tidy head, killing two birds with one stone.

Make your house your home

The space in your house is what it is and as long as you have no money or opportunity to expand, you can make your house optically appear larger by following these tips!

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