Hands and feet summer ready? An electric nail file

Those beautiful summer days we had last week made the winter boots go into the closet and the flip-flops come out again. Our nails need attention again. Use an electric nail file for that!

Nail biting off

Since I stopped nail biting, or actually it was more like keeping nails very short. Take good care of my nails. I file them nicely with a glass nail file and paint them regularly with a nice happy color. This is a bit from when I worked in care.

Back then I was never allowed to wear long nails or nail polish. Because I can do this now, I sometimes exaggerate a bit and they are very long and very colored.

Climbing and nails

Both my finger and toe nails get groomed every time after I’ve climbed. Just because my finger nails are so long, you can imagine they never come out in one piece after an evening of climbing. I always keep my toe nails short, as this is a lot more comfortable in my (tight) climbing shoes.

Electric nail file

Anyway, the time of the slippers is here again and hopefully this is for long. So it’s also time to take good care of my feet. Not only a relaxing foot bath or cream is enough.

If you want to take good care of your feet and especially the nails of your feet then an electric nail file is actually indispensable.

Groomed nails

With an electric nail file you can have healthy and shiny nails in no time. An electric nail file has different heads, which give the finger and toe nails a radiant appearance. This is how to have a five-head to file nails into shape.

A polishing head that erases imperfections and smooths the nail surface.

Finally, you can use the shine head to polish your nails in circular movements. Super easy Save time and get an electric nail care system at home to give your nails a look like you have transparent nail polish on.

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