National brother and sister day

National brother and sister day

It was in the winter of 1993. I lived with my parents and cat in a sweet little house in an old fortified town. I was nine years old and drank hot chocolate on the couch.

M ’ n parents said they wanted to tell me something.

I really had no idea what was going on. It even made me a little nervous.
For nine years I had been the only child. I was having a good time but also really wanted a brother or sister. I understood at a young age that you are not in control of that.

That the wish for a child can be incredibly large, but that you just have to wait if it is given to you.

So I hoped for a brother or sister in silence.

On a winter day in 1993 it was finally time. The three of us sat on the couch and drunk hot chocolate. I still remember exactly that moment.

My mother told me that I would finally get a brother or sister. I quickly took a sip of chocolate and pretended to enjoy that warm cup against my face. Behind that cup, however, I got the tears in my eyes.

Apparently as a nine -year -old I thought it was not cool to cry with joy.

But man, I was so happy. Finally I would no longer be alone and get a little brother or sister. I thought it was so cool.

In June 1994 the time had come. In the middle of the night I was brought to my aunt. He lived on the route to the hospital so that worked out fine. I slept that night with my aunt in the big bed.

At least sleep..

I especially stare at the ceiling a lot, knowing that my brother or sister would almost be there. &#8217 in the morning I was taken to school and fairly quickly the director came to walk into the classroom. Whether I wanted to come to the phone. My father called my brother was born.

How happy I was!

Finally a brother!

More than a year later I received another special statement. I would get another brother or sister. I couldn’t get my luck.

I was so happy with my little brother and now just another little one was added.

In the winter of 1996 my little sister was born. I was very proud. I just had a brother and a sister.

Now, years later, I am still very proud of my brother and sister. Despite the age difference, we have a very special bond. I think it’s very special to see them grow up consciously.

That is an additional advantage of the large age difference. On a national brother and sister day I want to say that I love you a lot!

What kind of band do you have with your brother/sister?

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