I admit it. Every now and then I can’t wait until it’s ‘toddler bedtime’. No matter how sweet little man has been that day, I sometimes live for the moment when he’s in bed.

Especially now that I am pregnant. By the end of the afternoon we are both exhausted. Toddler from playing and all the impressions, and mom from caring and all the activities around it.

Countdown to seven o’clock is then inevitable. Bedtime.

Around four thirty the first one starts to whine. In this case not our little son but the dogs. Somehow they appear to be able to watch the clock. Between half past four and five they demand a bowl of kibble.

Then the cat also thinks she is pathetic and starts meowing plaintively. Ok check; all animals eat.

Then the little guy gets hungry, starts asking for ‘something sweet’ and can’t appreciate it if he doesn’t get a treat. I then try to stall for time but soon real food has to be cooked. Together we prepare a nice meal and wait for daddy. Once we sit down Mr. Busy.

Apparently, he has gotten over his fatigue and gained renewed energy. Lots of energy! An irrepressible bouncy ball sits between us.

While busy telling and acrobatics on his chair, he also gets some snacks in. Pfieuw, dinner survived.

Since our toddler is full of energy after dinner he gets to go on the trampoline for a while. Bouncing with a full belly, very responsible. 😉 Then he gets to watch a movie (yes, no fussing about the television here) and then take a bath and go to bed. Hallelujah!

Last night, however, I thought I would plop down on the couch after a busy day. Stretching out with a tea and the remote control in my hand. Alas, nice try but the toddler had other plans. It had been quiet for quite some time and suddenly I heard toddler feet running across the floor.

With a sigh I drag myself downstairs. There is a little man looking naughty. ‘My bed is loose at m’n legs.’ The translation; his comforter is not completely tucked in and, since it is freezing outside thirty degrees, that is of course a terrible tragedy. I tuck the comforter, as tight as a straitjacket, between his mattress and give him a big kiss. ‘Sleep well, little man. As I close the door I can hear very loud ‘Love you!!’

The fatigue and the countdown are immediately forgotten.

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