Day Out Splash Along At Dolfinarium

Day out: Splash Along at Dolfinarium

For years the boys have leging if we could go to the dolphinarium, but we always hero off a bit. Recently we went to harderwijk and had a wonderful day.

Spoiled with SeaWorld

My Sister Lives in San Diego and here you have seaorld. Until a few years ago there were the orca shows here. We have seen thesis shows many times and also the dolphin shows, Were Fantastic in This Park. So when the boys Asked if we could go go to the dolphinarium, we actual said by default, that we were afraid this -copy seaworld -might be a bit disappointing.

Dolfinarium in Harderwijk.

Well the Boys Don’t Remember these Orca or Dolphin Shows at all and they were super excited when they heard we were going to dolphinarium.

Pleasantly Surprized by Dolfinarium

Let Me Say Right Off The Bat That I Was Pleasantly Surprized by The Park. I Couldern’t Picture It At All, But Honestly Assumed A Small Space. I Made A Big Mistake There. When we arrived in Harderwijk it was already clearly marked where we had to be and where we could park. At the Parking Lot We immediately paid the Parking Ticket. After Walking About at Minutes, We Were At The Entrance To The Dolfinarium. Here you can immediately see how big the park is. I always assumed there were only dolphins, but that was definitely not the case. Besides Dolphins, there are so many other animals, such as sea lions, walruses and stingrays.

Dolphinarium Dolphinarium Dolphinarium

Watching shows in the Dolfinarium

Duration this day we attended three shows in The Dolfinarium. We get used to aqua Bella with the dolphins. Adventure Island and the Magic Amulet with the California Sea Lions and the Great Mustache Show of the Walruses. Shows are Several Times A Day So You Can Watch Where You Want To Go. In Addition to shows, there are also educational programs ’ s. We enjoy this Wonderful Park.

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