How to make the best filter coffee at home

How to make the best filter coffee at home

One only drinks filter coffee and the other only wants coffee from a bean machine. It is just what you are used to, what you like, I sometimes have the idea. If you like to drink filter coffee, you can make it at home just as good as in a cafe.

How? You can read that here.

The new world of coffee

Welcome to the new coffee world with baristas, slow coffee, home roasters, cappuccino with almond milk and other hip filter coffees. Because filter coffee remains the best coffee. In an Amsterdam cool coffee shop, in a Utrecht Coffee Bru or just in your own home at the kitchen table or on the couch.

Filter coffee

Your mother used to make slow filter coffee too, pouring a little water at each time. Now it’s called super hip. Or slow coffee.

The specialty coffee beans can’t be found in the trendy coffee bars where a handsome barista or baristo brings you the best cup of coffee at your table. It’s nice to drink coffee in a trendy place like this, but at home you want to enjoy that good filter coffee too. With a real Bravilor that will totally succeed!

How to make a good cup of coffee

Pressure you don’t want anymore. And certainly no high pressure. Filter coffee is definitely not brewed under high pressure. On the contrary, you really take your time now.

And it’s worth it too! You pour the water over the ground coffee. The ground coffee lies in or on a filter and runs through it into the jug or cup underneath. That this goes slowly, you can see and experience.

But really, if you take the time, you will soon enjoy a great old-fashioned cup of coffee.

Take the time to make coffee

You can really enjoy coffee by investing in time. Take the time to brew the coffee, take the time to taste it as well. Try different ground coffee beans and notice the taste differences.

Buy good filters, for example unbleached professional filter paper from Bravilor. This is how to ensure optimal coffee distribution. Sit back and taste the taste sensations of the diversity of quality flavors. The professional filter paper ensures that the ground coffee is dissolved in the perfect way.

Smell the fresh coffee! Make it a nice morning ritual. It’s not only great to have your first cup of coffee in the morning but it’s also fun to enjoy making coffee. Preparing the coffee slowly gives all possible aromas a chance to be released.


Enjoying your cup of coffee

However you brew your coffee and whether you use filter coffee or beans, coffee can taste just as good at home as in a cafe or restaurant. Drinking coffee has never tasted so good.

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