6 fun maternity gifts for parents with a newborn baby

6 fun maternity gifts for parents with a newborn baby

Welcome to this blog containing 6 fun maternity gifts for parents with a newborn baby. When you’ve just had a baby, it’s obviously a lot of fun to get gifts. But what gifts are really nice for parents with a newborn baby?? We have listed 6 fun maternity gifts for you:

1. A picture frame with baby pictures

A baby picture frame is a super cute maternity gift, as it allows the parents to show off their most beautiful baby pictures. Choose a frame with nice details or a simple white frame, so the attention goes completely to the baby pictures. Nowadays you can also buy digital picture frames, where photos’re displayed digitally and alternate with each other.

Nice for the parents if they like this kind of technology!

2. An accessory for the baby’s room

When looking for a nice maternity gift, you can also think of a nice accessory for the baby’s room. Think of a cute lamp, a nice rug or a nice wall decoration. A nice accessory makes the baby room just that little bit more finished! Make sure you check beforehand what accessories they already have, because two rugs probably won&#8230t do much for them;

3. A sleeping bag

A sleeping bag is also a very nice maternity gift, because the baby can sleep comfortably in it. Choose, for example, a sleeping bag with cute prints or one with lovely details. A sleeping bag is also very practical, because this way the baby does not have to sleep with a blanket on the arm.

And it’s also not a big deal if they parents already have a sleeping bag, because that’s only handy when one is in the wash.

4. A baby bathtub

A baby bath is also a very nice maternity gift, as it allows the baby to relax in the bathtub. If the parents already have a baby bath, you might want to buy a bath seat instead of the bathtub. This is a very nice ‘crib’ that you can put your baby in while washing them.

This way you have one hand free and bathing is a lot more practical.

5. Baby care products

What you can also make parents very happy with is good baby care products. Take organic baby care products, for example. Many brands make very fine, hypoallergenic and vegan baby products. They often have very nice shampoo, bath gel, bath oil and also body lotion and care for the buttocks.

The shampoo does not sting the eyes and helps prevent milk crusts and the bath oil is ideal to protect the skin from drying out.

6. A baby gym

A baby gym is a fun toy for your baby. This allows the baby to play, move around and explore. A baby gym often has crackling cloths, mirrors, cuddly toys and other brightly colored items attached to it so that your baby can play and not get bored.

7. A baby monitor

A baby monitor is indispensable for almost every parent. Before buying this gift, though, I would check with the parents if they already have a baby monitor or not. Because usually parents have already purchased these during pregnancy. If they already have a very luxurious baby monitor with a camera, then perhaps a second, simple baby monitor would be nice for weekends away or evenings out.

Then they can easily carry this extra baby monitor.

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